Care & Support

Here at Perfect Care Independent Living, we are dedicated to providing the care and support that vulnerable people, or those who need a little extra help in their daily lives need. We specialise in providing a range or support services, and you can find more details about these below. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you think PCIL can help you in any way.

Personal Development and Risk Taking

Perfect Care Independent Living will ensure the clients live in a safe environment, and we try to make them feel confident and assured. Given that our clients will be exposed to normal hazards of daily life, it should be accepted the risk factor is increased, therefore while accepting responsible risk taking as normal and in maintaining each client’s autonomy and independence, each person is assessed to as to what is or is not an acceptable risk for them; and personal wellbeing, physical wellbeing, psychological wellbeing, and emotional wellbeing is encouraged and supported by staff whenever the opportunity arises.


Choice is the experience of growing autonomy in both small everyday matters e.g. what to wear, or eat and large life defining matters like who to live with or what sort of activities to do.

Every client is offered the opportunity to make choices in all matters that affect or concern them this is done by providing information about valuable activities within and around the surrounding boroughs, by having monthly tenant’s forum, Annual and regular reviews will be opportunity for clients to express their freedom of choice.

Community Participation

Staff actively helps and encourages clients to develop and maintain good contact with the local community. We are committed to using community facilities such as sport centres, pubs, parks, shops, theatres, and restaurants not designed specifically for people with learning disabilities so that they may mix with a general cross section of their community and enable them to develop a variety of relationships across the border.


Our aim at PCIL is to promote independence with encouragement and support for all the clients in every aspect of their daily life. We will maximise their ability to retain self-care and to carry out task of daily living. We will encourage the clients to take reasonable and fully thought –out risk. A continuous assessment/recording process will be in place to ensure that clients gain most benefit from any programme and highlight areas where independence can be developed.

Dignity & Respect

Disabilities quickly undermines dignity, so at PCIL we aim to preserve respect for our clients’ intrinsic value by, treating each client as a special and valued individual, encouraging and supporting clients to present themselves to others as they would wish through their clothing, personal appearance and their behaviour in public. Presenting a range of activities that encourage each service to express themselves as unique individuals.


Privacy is important both in terms of physical space in the scheme, the way support/care is given and the rights of individual to keep their views and opinion; this is supported and maintained by staff and management of the scheme. This core value forms part of staff induction programme and is subject to continual monitoring and review.


At perfect care independent living, we consider the view of the client very important and therefore our clients will be involved in the daily running of the scheme in: the choice of deco of their schemes, staff recruitment and basic decisions that affect their daily lives.


We place the rights of our clients at the fore front of our philosophy of care. We seek to advance these rights in all the aspect of the environment and the services we provide and to encourage our clients to exercise their rights fully both in the scheme and within the community such as right to vote etc.